Monday, April 28, 2014

Brother No. 1

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God has blessed me with a family I actually like and admire.  My older brother is a man of many talents, someone who amazes me with his many interests and achievements.  That hasn't changed as he has moved into retirement and a different daily lifestyle.

As I kid I was impressed with his great abilities.  He could walk on his hands.  No matter how hard I tried I could never do this.  I'd stand in the corner to let the walls keep my legs in the air, but they would not stay there when I'd be elsewhere.  Drat!!

He's always been musically inclined.  Like a good brother he would tolerate me messing around some with his steel guitar, even showing me some things he learned from his guitar teacher.  However, I was not inclined to put any time or effort into the procedure.  He'd practice.  A lot.  And it showed.  Today he can play many instruments.  Me, none.

In high school he liked rocks.  Go figure.  But it's an interest he continues to pursue.  Only now he has also studied silversmithing and makes jewelry.  He has sold some pieces, and even given some away.  His work is beautiful.

He has always been interested in taking classes at the community college, adding to his brain power and knowledge.  You never knew where his paths would lead, but it was always somewhere good.  Now he also studies various forms of art, as well as some craft work.

He likes to go exploring on his ATV, and has made many trips with his friends.  He works with his camera to capture much of what he experiences for his own amusement and to share with friends and relatives.  He's a good guy, and I'm glad he's my brother.  You go, Carl.