Friday, November 6, 2015


The first written fire prevention rules were published and contains regulations on buildings, houses, and businesses.  It was stipulated that upon the discovery of a fire you must shout out loud to alert the populous.  Also, the owner of a burning structure had the responsibility to pay for damages to another's property.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Breezy Life

A Breezy Life

tree with stairs
Who hasn’t dreamed of a treehouse?  A place to escape to when daily living seems a drudge, when Life seems to be closing in on you, when you need to feel free?
I like to go on Pinterest and look at the tree house pins.  Of course they’re not to be a part of my future.  At my age and with my knees it would be a real trial to ascend to the heavens and enjoy the wind as it sways and lets you feel you are resting in a hammock.  Of course I’d rather not be there when the wind swells to a full-blown storm, letting the house wrench and lurch  with force and drama.  I am not a modern-day John Muir who enjoyed climbing a tree in a tornado to experience the forces of nature.
I’m also a realist.  There are those who spend a ton of money to make a treehouse livable.  I dare not contemplate the cost of a treehouse complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities.  And I’m sure insurance would be ridiculous.  The company would surely insist on a rider concerning injuries from wind movement and falling out of the tree.  Medical emergencies could be difficult to manage in the event you have to use the services of first responders for any reason.
But still I can dream while lost in a fantasy world of youth, adventure, and just plain fun as I contemplate the relaxation of studying the stars at night from my perch or watching the clouds float by while resting on my surrounding deck.
Where is your imaginary resting spot?