Thursday, October 2, 2014

Something Special

There are some things that just come into your life unexpectedly, but yet feel like that should have been there forever.  This weaving is one of my special treasures.

I attended a speech-language pathologist convention in Hot Springs, Arkansas, about 25 years ago.  While I enjoyed most of these events and visiting with others in the field, that year I was a bit restive.  Lunch time arrived and I felt the need to get out of the building for awhile.  So I took off, exploring the many shops in the area, just window shopping.  I didn't feel the need to look for something to buy, just a place to go and browse.

One shop had a lot of interesting decorative items and the selection was interesting.  I came upon this piece hanging on the wall and it just felt "right."  I loved the colors, the shading, the overall design.  But I was not there to buy.  I walked away and looked at other things in the store.  But I kept coming back to this one.

Finally I left the store.  We were still at a time in our lives where we were budget minded and buying some art piece was definitely not in the plan.  But I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I knew if I walked away without it, I'd feel incomplete in some way.  Finally I turned back, marched into the store, and without hesitation said, "I'll take it."

Over the years it has hung on several different walls.  First in my office when I had a private practice.  Later in a bedroom, then the living room, and finally in the computer room.  When we moved to a new house it went into the library, and now it's back in the computer room.  I look at it often, and I'm still so very glad I made that purchase that day. 

Do you have something special that makes you feel good?  Something you love to display for all the world to see, but yet can enjoy when you are alone with your thoughts?  Something that helps your creative muse emerge and lets you explore so many different thoughts?  I'd love to know about it.  Share if you'd like.


  1. My favorite had-to-have item is a decorative vase. It's a pretty maroon color, with peachy colored flowers and of course green leaves. It's never had flowers in it, either real or's perfect just as it is. I've had it close to 15 years, and consider It my first venture into what I call Organic Tuscany decorating. Like your piece, it wasn't in the budget, but it spoke to me. And we know from experience that we need to listen when that inner voice speaks to us.

    1. And we never know when we're going to hear from that little voice, do we? But it is interesting what really gets our attention for it isn't a conscious or premeditated decision. It just hits, out of the blue. And I'm so glad it does.