Monday, May 11, 2015

What 10 Creative People Tell You About the Storms of Life

In life, there is no Yellow Brick Road.  We all have to endure times of trouble and strife.  Sometimes it can help to know what others have to say and how they get through these hard times without losing hope.

Ralph Waldo Emerson - poet, philosopher, essayist.  Born 1803 and died 1822.
     The wise man in a storm prays to God not for safety from danger, but deliverance from pain.

Morris West - Australian novelist.  Born 1916, died 1999.
     If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.

Mark Twain - writer, humorist, adventurer.  Born 1835, died 1910.
     Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts or happenings.  It consists mainly of the storms of thoughts that's forever flowing through one's head.

Vincent van Gogh - Dutch painter.  Born 1855, died 1890.
     There is peace even in the storm.

Epicurus - Greek philosopher.  Born 342 BC.
     Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.

Amelia Barr - English author and teacher.  She was born 1831 and died 1851.
     It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.

Charles Kettering - inventor and business man, he held 186 patents.  Born 1867, died 1958.
     No one would have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm.

Louisa May Alcott - American author. Born 1831, died 1888.
     I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Golda Meir - Israeli Prime Minister.  Born 1898, died 1978.
     Old age is like flying a plane through a storm.  Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do.

Vivian Greene - modern author, artist, speaker. 
     Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain.


  1. Having been through several storms in January, February, and March, these ring loud and true to me.
    Hello, my friend. Thank you for visiting my blog even though I've been absent for so long. You are a true and dear blogging friend.
    Mama has been very sick....She was in the hospital for two weeks I stayed with her there night and day...and then I went and stayed at her home with her and Daddy when she got out. Then....I have been under the weather myself beginning in the month of, it has been a stormy few months for me.
    Thank you for sharing these with me.
    I'm sending you great big hugs....and of course, smiles to go with those hugs.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. Though you give care with love, it can still be very stressful and it does wear on you at time. I do hope things are going better for them and for you. Take care. And continue to find time for those wonderful Grands who can bring so much joy and laughter into your life. - Karen