Monday, February 2, 2015

Four Chaplains of the USS Dorchester

(This blog was originally posted February 4, 2013.  I hope you find it of interest. - Karen)

The Four Chaplains of the USS Dorchester

This was written many years ago, when I was in a song writing phase.  I read about these four men and remember them every February 3.  I would encourage you to look them up, to read about them.  They are Father John Washington (Catholic), Rev. Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed), Rabbi Alexander Goode (Jewish), and Rev. George Fox (Methodist).  Four men who truly represented the best of their faith, working together to help all, regardless of the other's faith.  May they rest in Peace.

                                PRAY, CHAPLAIN, PRAY

          It was February third, back in nineteen-forty-three
          The men on the Dorchester faced an angry sea
          And on the way to Greenland in the bitter, biting cold
          Just after midnight they sailed toward heaven's fold.

  (Chorus)     Pray, Chaplain, pray
                     Pray for my soul
                     As I am sinking under
                     In the deep dark cold
                     And as the waves are breaking
                     And I am going down
                     Pray, Chaplain, pray
                     Pray I am glory bound.

          In the Wednesday darkness just after the ship was hit
          Four Chaplains reached for glory as they faced the deepest pit
          Side by side they worked to help save all the men they could
          Side by side they prayed as on that dying ship they stood.


          Over nine hundred sailed out on that dark heavy sea
          Over six hundred went down to face eternity
          The Four Chaplains joined them in that black watery deep
          And with the men they prayed for they sleep that final sleep.


                     Pray, Chaplain, pray
                     Pray I am glory bound.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, JarieLyn. This incident touched my heart when I first read about it many years ago. I always remember them each February. - Karen

  2. I love that you wrote this. Thank you for sharing it.
    Years ago, I was asked to intend a Four Chaplain Service at our local American Legion. It was very moving. Thank you for drawing attention to this. Hardly anyone knows about it.

    1. Unfortunately time erases things from our collective membory, but some things should always be with us. I'm glad you had the opportunity to attend the ceremony for the chaplains at the American Legion. I'm sure it was very moving.

  3. I tried posting but it went away....anyhoo...

    This was my favorite of all the songs you wrote. Love it.

  4. Thank you very much. And thanks for stopping by.