Monday, March 9, 2015

Get A Job!!

The road to employment does not always run straight and smooth.  Herewith a few examples.

     1.   I could have been a carpenter, but I took the studs.

     2.   I could have been a healer, but I lost my touch.

     3.   I started to be a podiatrist, but I got off on the wrong foot.

     4.   I could have been a bookie, but I didn't like the odds.

     5.  I could have been a pastry chef, but they said I was too flaky.

     6.   I tried to be a banana picker, but I got in with a bad bunch.

     7.   I considered being a fireman, but I couldn't take the heat.

     8.   I tried to be a sheet rock hanger, but I got plastered.

     9.   I could have been an accountant, but I didn't have the right figure.

    10.   I wanted to be a drummer, but I lost the beat.

    11.   I could have worked for the railroad, but I couldn't be trained.

    12.   I could have been a chitlin' maker, but I didn't have the guts.

We can't get discouraged, though.  Remember there is always the right job for everyone.  You just have to find it.

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