Friday, March 6, 2015

True? Maybe Not

We can find so much interesting information on the computer.  It's so easy.  Just type in a word or phrase and hit search.  In seconds you see the results popping up.  I've done it many times myself. 

There is one problem with this activity, though.  Not everything you see is the truth.  Some may be somewhat true.  Some is pure fiction.

A case in point is something that caught my eye recently.  The assertion was that President Franklin Roosevelt was transported via Al Capone's car to make a speech before both Houses of Congress after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  It makes a good story with a lot of interesting details.  Things like the car had been painted black and green to look like a Chicago police car.  It was armored, meaning it was bullet proof and bomb proof.

The source of the story appears to be secret service agent Michael F. Rielly who wrote a book after he retired.  It was titled "Reilly of the White House."  This story was incorporated in his book.  It is, and was, a good story.

One problem is that some have said Roosevelt was never photographed in that car.  He tended to prefer convertibles, not sedans.  I would think there would be extensive coverage of that speech and surely some reporter somewhere would have made a comment about that particular car.  You would think there would be some conversation about the step-up in his security.

So, what do I think about this situation.  Well, I don't know the answer.  I can see the validity of the nay-sayers, and may be leaning to believing their view of the situation.  For now I am keeping an open mind and will go full speed ahead with the Al Capone story if I see some evidence to support the assertion.

Good reading and have a good week.  Let me know you thoughts on the subject if you like.


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