Thursday, May 8, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

There are times in my life when I find it very helpful to list the things that have gone right, the take time to thank God for getting me through a difficult period, and to focus on the positive.  Today I looked back at one such list.  Some thoughts are fleeting, some are revisited periodically, and some I have moved past.  I thought I'd list just a few.


 1.     Falling stars in the night sky.
 2.     Memories of roller skating when I was a kid.
 3.     Every time something makes me laugh.
 4.     Sitting on the swing under the magnolia tree.
 5.     A phone call from a friend.
 6.     Getting to try something new to me.
 7.     The aroma of a hot cup of coffee.
 8.     The smell of the earth after a good rain.
 9.     The ability to get a good daily newspaper.
10.     The Lord's Prayer.

Just reviewing this list makes me feel better.  Maybe I should do this continue the exercise in my daily life.

Do you journal?  Do you keep a Gratitude Journal?  I hope it gives you pleasure and peace.


  1. I have never really kept a journal. I like the idea of the Gratitude Journal. It is all too easy to overlook the things we should be grateful for. Just looking at your list makes me realise there is so much in life we tend to take for granted.

  2. I don't journal too often about daily life. I'm much too sporadic. But when things are a bit on the down side or I feel a little gloom and doom, it helps to bring my focus back to some positive things. When things get better, I usually let the Gratitude journal slide as well. But it does help when needed. - Karen