Monday, May 12, 2014

Sister No. 1

The family journal continues.  This sister is just a couple years younger than I am, and it's been fun being her sister.  Although I must admit, sometimes it gets exhausting just thinking of all she does.

She is the one with the most nervous energy.  This gal is constantly on the move.  You don't find her just sitting around watching t.v. or couch surfing.

All the family has always been willing to tackle different projects, but she carries it to the next level.  She has refinished furniture.  I'm talking bedroom furniture, dining table, chairs.  She and the youngest sister took an upholstery class and she has certainly put the information to good use.  She and her husband have tackled many a home make-over project and seen each to completion.

Arts and crafts haven't been overlooked either.  She did ceramics at one point, and even had her own kiln.  The beautiful quilts gracing her beds could very well have been made by her, for she has tackled that many times.  She's taken garage sale items and turned them into beautiful things to add beauty and style to her home.

And, as I said, she does not like to sit still.  She walks everywhere.  She has a recumbent bicycle she uses almost daily.  And the punching bag gets a regular workout.  She and her husband like to travel and do RV camping and geocaching.  It's hard to keep up with this active couple.

I'm glad you're my sister, Nolene.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about her! What a great way to be though.

    1. I've often thought I'd be better off with more of her energy and enthusiasm. Whatever she takes on, she will see it through to completion, and she does it all well. As you may notice, I do admire her a lot. - Karen