Thursday, May 22, 2014

Springtime Living

May has arrived a little more slowly than normal this year, but it does indeed appear to now be fully in its element.  Which triggers thoughts of outdoor life in Arkansas this time of year.  With your indulgence I herewith present a little ditty to express my feelings about some of our life forms.

                             OUTDOOR CRITTERS

     Outdoor critters have habits I despise and detest
     No matter how cute each is like all the rest.
     Without a please or thank you, apology or thought,
     They treat me as if I'm a meal they have bought.

          And it makes me wonder as I walk in the fields
          Do they ever get anything, besides me, in a meal?
          Do they also dine on crackers and tea
          While making a meal on poor little me?

     Or am I preferred plain without sauce or spice?
     Perhaps by myself I am twice as nice.
     Well, I can only say without thought or question,
     I help they all suffer acute indigestion.

(Enjoy your time outdoors, but watch where you're walking.)

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